Who are we?

We are singers. We are actors. Storytellers, playwrights, and illustrators. We are songwriters, filmmakers, screenwriters, directors and authors. Dancers. Clowns. Jugglers and puppeteers.

We are Grammy Winners. Emmy Winners. Caldecott and Newberry Winners. We’re all mixed up – African, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Korean, English, French, and Native Americans. Gay, straight, and bi.

Some of us work exclusively with young people. Many  of us also create and perform for adults, too.

You can find us, and our work, in libraries, classrooms, theaters, parks, museums, on street corners, church basements, television, radio, and film.

Some of us are gun-owners and some have never touched a gun and wouldn’t think of it.

All of us, together, are speaking out for sanity in our gun laws and a safer country. All of us have signed the accompanying statement.

 All of us are willing to speak out for a better community, country, and world.  If you want to join us, sign the statement and join the gathering. We’re waiting for you.